Frequently Asked Questions

What is Graphic Advisor?
Graphic Advisor is website used by CMPS majors to create their four-year plans. Graphic Advise allows you to easily drag and drop the courses you need to take into the semester of your choice.

What are the main features of Graphic Advisor?
Graphic Advisor allows you to:
  • Create several Four Year Plans from scratch or from your transcript
  • Change the name of your plans
  • Add/Delete courses to your plan easily by dragging and dropping courses to or from your schedule, or by typing a course into the text box associated with each semester. A dropdown menu will appear automatically when typing in a course, to make course selection easier.
  • Drag and drop generic core courses into your schedule, and later specify which course if necessary.
  • Drag and drop generic course requirements and upper level electives into your schedule, and later specify which course you want.
  • Add/Delete semesters from your plan.
  • Change the major associated with a plan, to determine how close you are to completing another CMPS major.
  • Copy a plan
  • Make changes to an existing plan
  • Print your plan
  • Allows advisors to approve a plan
  • Allows approved users to view course enrollment statistics
  • Change the color scheme

How is Graphic Advisor different than Gstation?
Graphic Advisor has made many key improvements over GStation:
  • Drag and Drop of courses to a plan
  • Automatically saves changes made to your plans
  • Entire page does not refresh as often when making changes
  • Automatic dropdowns appear when typing in a course
  • Generic electives and core courses can be added to schedule, and can be specified later

Can I add a generic elective to my plan?
Yes, you can add a generic elective to your plan, which is useful if you haven't decided on your upper level electives yet. This can be done by selecting the generic requirement from the Major Requirements list. For example, create a new plan with Computer Science as the major, choose "Upper Level Major Electives" and drag "CMSC4xx" into your plan. This is sufficient for the purposes of fulfilling the requirement, and at a later time you can specify which specific course you will use to meet the requirement, if desired.

Why can't I remove a semester from my schedule?
Only empty semesters can be deleted. Once all courses are removed from a semester, an appears above the semester, which removes the semester from your plan.

How do I add transfer credit and AP credits to my plan?
You can only add transfer and AP credits to your plan by creating a plan based on a transcript.

Why do courses in my schedule appear with different color?
Courses appear in different colors for a variety of reasons. First of all, changing the color scheme results in courses appearing in different colors. Secondly, once a course or requirement on the left is present in your plan, it turns gray on the side courses menu. Also, duplicate courses in your schedule appear red.

Why can't I make any changes to my schedule?
If you cannot make any changes to your schedule, an advisor has already approved that plan. If you want to edit that plan, click "View My Plans" and choose "Copy" next to the plan you wish to edit. This copy can be edited.

Can I populate my schedule with classes I've already taken?
Yes! You can do so by uploading you transcript. Click "View My Plans", and paste your transcript into the text box labeled "Create Plan by Uploading Transcript", and press the corresponding button. A new plan is created with your current class information already in it.

I have changed my major or I'm thinking about doing so - how do I change the major for my plan?
This can be done by choosing "View Your Plans" and selecting the appropriate major next to the plan with the major you wish to change.

Can I change the name of my plan?
Yes. You can change the name of your plan by clicking the icon next to corresponding plan, and typing the new name in the textbox next to the button labeled "Rename Plan".

How can I change the color scheme?
You can change the color scheme by choosing "Change Skin" at the top right corner of the screen, and then choosing the color option you prefer.

Do I have to save my plans?
You do not have to save your plans. Each plan is saved automatically when you make a change to it.

Is there a printer friendly version of my schedule?
There is a printer friendly version of your schedule. Select "View My Plans" and choose the "Print" option next to the plan you wish to print.